Who we are

Gateview is a technology company focused on IT power distribution for data centers. Our team’s mission is to engineer, manufacture, and provide innovative state of the art designs that will outperform legacy brands by providing a high level of safety, performance, and quality at a competitive price.

What we do

There are multiple challenges associated with redesigning and introducing power products to the market. Many companies fail at their attempts due to poor execution or substandard production. Gateview will overcome these challenges through proven best practices, customer-driven product development, advanced design methodologies, manufacturing techniques, and intense product testing. Gateview’s stringent quality-control procedures and protocols avoid the pitfalls others must learn the hard way and ensure that the user has an exceptional experience with Gateview products and services.

How we do it

Gateview’s secure design and manufacturing doctrine allows us to produce a superior, reliable product. Our quality assurance procedures are all-encompassing and include sourcing, manufacturing, testing, and commissioning. Starting with the engineering of the product, Gateview’s engineering team ensures the selection of components produced by established, top tier vendors and a design in which proper component configuration allows for longevity. Safety compliance is always a top priority in the design phase, and rugged mechanical construction ensures that our products maintain their integrity during shipping and installation. As part of the design cycle, products are subjected to highly accelerated life testing—voltage cycling, exposure to high and low temperatures, and resistance to vibration. Gateview’s design philosophy guarantees that quality is built into the product from start to finish.