Who we are

Gateview’s team of industry veterans have extensive experience in the data center and guarantee that our product’s rigorous engineering, design, testing, and manufacturing processes will keep our customers’ servers running reliably and efficiently in the highly competitive, 24/7 mission critical industry.

What we do

The PowerLOK rack PDU is a next generation offering for the power distribution market, and Gateview introduces greater reliability and innovation with PowerLOK. PowerLOK’s stringent quality-control procedures and protocols ensure that the user has an exceptional experience. Our rack PDUs are fully assembled in the USA, and our unique features allow us to offer greater value than legacy brands. At PowerLOK, we’re building a better rack PDU from the inside out.

How we do it

Gateview’s quality assurance procedures—sourcing, manufacturing, testing, and commissioning—each contribute to a more reliable rack PDU. From the design phase to delivery, Gateview ensures the selection of components produced by established, top tier manufacturers and a design which ensures a long-lasting, reliable product. Safety and dependability are top priorities for our PowerLOK rack PDUs, and that’s why we subject our products to accelerated life testing, including; voltage cycling, exposure to high and low temperatures, and resistance to vibration. Gateview’s design philosophy and rugged mechanical design guarantees that quality is built into PowerLOK from start to finish.

Engineered for Reliability

PowerLOK’s internal connections are fully machine soldered from the line entry cord to the receptacles. This eliminates less reliable connection methods such as push-ons, insulation displacement, and hand-soldered terminations. PowerLOK’s automated soldering process keeps cost down, eliminates human error, keeps wiring organized, and provides the most reliable rack PDU on the market. PowerLOK is available in over 8,400 configurations of C13 and C19 receptacle groups in 20A and 30A single and three phase rack PDUs. PowerLOK provides exceptional receptacle density—up to 48 C13s on a single strip. Optional 120V 5-15R convenience outlets are available in one or two receptacles, allowing technicians to power hand-held devices on the data center floor. Our product line includes both basic and smart versions. A color touchscreen display provides local data, and ethernet communications with the ability to daisy-chain, sending data back to a BMS or DCIM system. On all smart models, a sensor monitors the internal temperature of the rack PDU.

Designed for IT Professionals

PowerLOK’s compact dimensions and angled power whip entry allow for better cord management within the rack and avoids interference with access to servers from the rear of the cabinet. PowerLOK’s 30A rack PDUs offer circuit breaker actuators that are flush mounted to the rack PDU chassis surface which eliminates accidental tripping of the breaker and resulting server downtime. Our rack PDUs allow the power entry whip to be configured 3-10 feet in one-foot increments. PowerLOK is available four colors: carbon black, blue, white, and red. 72- and 41-inch rack PDUs are currently available with 46-, 82-, and 92-inch versions coming soon.

Easy-to-use e-commerce model

At Gateview we understand mission critical runs 24/7 and we are committed to a positive and quick selection, quoting, and buying process. That’s why we offer 34 configurations of quick-ship rack PDUs that can be ordered, purchased, and out for delivery on the same day. Additionally, PowerLOK’s online 3D configurator enables customers to build, price, quote, and purchase custom rack PDUs directly from our website. The build software provides unique user logins for each customer and captures purchases for future orders. This tool enables IT professionals, data center managers, and supply chain teams to quickly specify and collaborate on custom rack PDU designs. Downloadable specification sheets enhance communications, and CAD models and drawings accelerate IT and electrical design requirements. Once PowerLOK arrives at your datacenter, our environmentally friendly multi-pack delivery makes for easy installation on the floor.

PowerLOK Introduction Video