Our Founders


Gateview Technology’s mission is to provide its customers with efficient, streamlined, and dependable data center products; our founders, John Day and Mark Germagian, demonstrate long, proven records of service within the mission-critical facility industry. The partners—who have between them more than sixty years of experience in the data center world—bring a range of professional experiences and unique contributions to the Gateview executive team. John’s long list of sales and marketing successes combine with Mark’s considerable technical and business expertise to offer a different and complementing contribution to power distribution applications in data center facilities.

Mark Germagian

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Gateview’s Chief Innovation Officer, Mark Germagian, brings a history of entrepreneurial achievement to Gateview Technologies. Mark’s knowledge of data center technology is shaped by his involvement with innovative companies within the industry. Mark applied his experience to a new endeavor in 2007 when he founded Opengate Data Systems. Opengate’s innovative and patented solutions such as ActiveAir, Unity Cooling, and SwitchAir, received many awards, and Opengate won the Uptime Institute Green IT Award for best facility product in 2011 and an ASHRAE Innovation Award in 2010. Its most important customers included Oracle, Belden, Paramount Pictures, Epic Systems, and Dell. The company was acquired by Geist in 2012.

With more than thirty years in the HVAC and power management fields, Mark has a range of experience with telecom power, standby power, power distribution, and data center cooling. In his roles as a design engineer, he has produced multiple products and was the main inventor for several patents including InRow Cooling. InRow Cooling quickly became its own data center cooling category, and in the course of the creation of InRow, Mark established original standards and a process for taking product ideas and customer needs to the point of an innovative solution. These protocols facilitated many new inventions at APC.

Mark’s attention to detail, experience leading technology research and implementation, management of product development, and ability to work closely in collaboration with manufacturing teams, has allowed him to accelerate business growth in his past endeavors. Mark has also facilitated the creation of market research, focus groups, and user surveys to decide what products are most needed by the industry and how they can be best used by the end user. Mark’s ability to create a systematic organizational structure ensures that Gateview’s solutions will exceed quality standards and surpass customer expectations. He brings a clearly focused management style to the technical side of Gateview that promotes creative thinking and organized execution.