At Gateview, we design, engineer, test, and manufacture PowerLOK, a next-generation rack PDU, to keep your servers running dependably, efficiently, and at a lower cost than legacy brands. PowerLOK’s unique features, quick-ship turnaround, and e-commerce model make it easy to do business with Gateview.

Internal Features

PowerLOK’s innovative electrical design was created with the goal of higher receptacle density in a 72” strip in a more fault-tolerant package. Through advanced engineering, higher reliability is achieved with fully machine-soldered connections from the line cord to the receptacles, a process that eliminates the need for less reliable fast-on insulation displacement connectors or hand-soldered terminations. Communication outlets with the ability to daisy chain are also available along with a 120V convenience power option, available with one or two outlets. Beginning in November 2019, 72” power strips will be available in 208V/20A, 240V/20A, 208V/30A, and 240V/30A configurations. Other options are coming in 2020, including 35A, 50A, and 60A in a larger range of sizes.


Our product line includes basic and smart strips with a touchscreen display to monitor the outlets on the group level. The swipeable display eliminates the need for external, mechanical push buttons. The touchscreen is selectable which makes it easy to monitor the PDU directly at the rack, and it is customer-programmable for either a top or bottom orientation. In a next-generation offering, PowerLOK monitors the internal temperature of each strip which provides a heat management system that warns you of any excess heat in the rack itself. With this feature, it is no longer necessary to install separate, additional temperature monitors in the rack which cuts down on the amount of information sent back to the DCIM.

External Features

External, mechanical features are just as important as the electrical and internal. That’s why PowerLOK comes in space-saving dimensions of 2.2” wide and 2” deep. Not only does this slim design keep weight down for easy installation, it allows the customer to fit more units inside of a rack. PowerLOK also saves you room at the level of the whip, and we provide an angled whip input as standard on all of our PDUs. This reduces the bend radius, and each strip is available with both top and bottom orientations with silk screens aligned with the orientation of the entry. Gateview’s patented CordLOK cord-locking system makes for easy insertion, retention, and detachment of plugs into the receptacles with a single hand, and keeps your cables safely organized and locked into the power strip.


At Gateview, we understand that the mission critical world is a 24/7 industry, and we are committed to a positive and quick selection, quoting, and buying process. Our online configurator (coming soon) lets customers build their rack PDU from a range of tens of thousands of standard options, and custom power strips are available upon request. A custom portal then generates detailed CAD models, specification sheets, and a quote for the order. Environmentally friendly multi-pack delivery makes for easy installation on the data center floor.

PowerLok Rack PDU

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