The innovative PowerLOK rack PDU is a next-generation offering for the power management market. PowerLOK’s rigorous engineering, design, testing, and manufacturing processes ensure that our customers’ servers run reliably and efficiently in the highly competitive, 24/7 mission critical industry. PowerLOK is fully assembled in the USA, and our unique features allow us to offer greater value than legacy brands. At PowerLOK, we’re building a better rack PDU from the inside out.

Internal Features

PowerLOK’s internal connections are fully machine soldered from the line entry cord to the receptacles. This eliminates less reliable connection methods such as fast-on insulation displacement or hand-soldered terminations. PowerLOK’s automated process of selective soldering keeps cost down, eliminates human error, keeps wiring organized, and ultimately provides the most reliable rPDU on the market. PowerLOK is available in over 20,000 configurations of C13 and C19 receptacle groups in 20A and 30A single and three phase rPDUs. 35A, 50A, and 60A units are coming in 2020. PowerLOK provides exceptional receptacle density—up to 48 C13s on a single strip. Optional 120V 5-15R convenience outlets are also available in one or two receptacles, making it easy for technicians to power devices on the data center floor.


Our product line includes basic and smart strips with remote or local monitoring options depending on the customer’s requirements. A color touchscreen display provides local data at the group level, and ethernet port communications with the ability to daisy-chain to send data back to a BMS or DCIM system. The touchscreen display orients correctly depending on if the unit is top or bottom fed. On all metered units, a standard temperature sensor monitors the internal temperature of the rack PDU.


External Features

PowerLOK’s compact dimensions of 72” tall, 2.2” wide, and 2” deep allow the user to install more rPDUs in a rack which, in turn, provides higher receptacle density per cabinet. Printed silk screens are placed in the correct orientation on the chassis depending on whether the rPDU has a top or bottom whip exit. PowerLOK’s 30A rPDUs offer circuit breaker actuators that are flush mounted to the rPDU chassis surface. This innovative mechanical design eliminates accidental tripping of the breaker and server downtime or damage. PowerLOK’s breaker mounting design creates a slim profile which allows for more space and higher receptacle density in the rack. Our rack PDUs include an angled whip entry as a standard feature in 3-10 feet in 1 foot increments. While most entry cords in the rPDU market exit at 90 degrees, PowerLOK’s whip exits either the top or bottom of the power strip at an angle that significantly reduces the bend radius. This design makes it easier to plug the cable into its power source and reduces wear and tear on the whip. PowerLOK is available four colors: carbon black, blue, white, and red.


At Gateview, we understand that the mission critical world is a 24/7 industry, and we are committed to a positive and quick selection, quoting, and buying process. PowerLOK’s online 3D configurator (coming soon) enables customers to configure, price, quote, and purchase custom rPDUs via a web browser. The configurator provides unique user logins for each customer and captures purchases for future orders. This tool enables IT professionals, data center managers, and supply chain teams to quickly specify and collaborate on custom rPDU designs. Downloadable specification sheets enhance communications and CAD models and drawings accelerate IT and electrical design requirements. Environmentally friendly multi-pack delivery makes for easy installation on the data center floor.